How to make profit following drinking trends.

It’s been an extremely exciting time for the ‘Spirit, Beer and Wine’ world, from a seemingly endless stream of craft beers, wines and cocktails. We cannot wait to see what keeps glasses filled and hearts alight in 2018.

Though India is one of the largest consumers of alcohol in the world, the per capita consumption of alcohol per week for the year 2016-2017 was 148ml, and it is expected to grow at the CAGR of 7.5%.The market for spirits is expected to show a volume growth of 3.1% in 2019.


Cocktail culture is flying internationally, almost 88% drinkers enjoy cocktail on a night out. The craft cocktail trend is spreading into hotels.Bar staff are bringing new ideas, techniques—and the result is a dynamic, fast-paced industry where new concepts are emerging and inspiring people to drink. Mixologists are becoming more meticulous, keeping everything fresh and local. The craft cocktail movement is influential away. It’s all about focusing on creating traditional cocktails with a modern construal and tremendous presentation.


Watching the bartender’s fancy prep work will be just the starting point when it comes to cocktails. These days, in the age of social media, we share every cocktail we drink so everyonepaysa lot more attention to the artistic taste of cocktails. Mixologists experiment with techniques that used to be limited to refinedcocktail bars,while they addedmore visualsto a drink by infusing smoke, fire and freshest ingredients.

RISE OF SPIRITS 2018 will notice a significant increase in trend of spirits. The low-ABV cocktail trend is still going strong, and cocktails are getting more diverse for it. People in cities want to enjoy a night out and still have to go to workthe next day. Drinks like Campari, Bitters and Martinis will be in demand.Performance data from Euromonitor shows that in 2016, spirits recorded a total volume growth of 4%, which is slightly stronger than the 3% compound annual growth rate for the period.Pernod, Amaro and Martini will continue to make a huge comeback as consumer palates become more sophisticated.

Increase in demand for cocktail-friendly bar designs and equipment

With all this is hand for cocktails in 2018, we would see rise in cocktail-friendly bar equipment. A good bar design will not only reduce the stress for a bartender, but would also help in reducing the injuries bartenders come across. The Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station’s ergonomically designed features help to eliminate common pain points for bartenders. Everything a bartender needs to be efficient about is within arm’s reach.

Refrigerated storage for garnishes is easily accessible without leaving the work area. A narrower ice bin brings bartenders closer to customers without having to stretch across the bar to deliver cocktails. The expertly designed tool caddy has a place for every piece of a bartender’s arsenal, removing the need for digging and wasting valuable time. The curved rail design for liquor bottles surrounds the bartender, reducing steps and increasing output.

This ‘zero-step bartending’ approach means less cumbersome bartender’s job. This allows them to perform at an optimal speed and efficiency—and that leads to a more profitable bar operation.

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