About Us & Bar Design

Arcux Bar Zone Impex Pvt. Ltd. (ABZI), a Joint venture company, was founded in 2009 by two dynamic partners Parikshit Kakkar and Piyush Tayal. The young enthusiastic hotel management graduates in their mid 20’s..

The sole concept of Arcux was about to provide the best bar solutions for Hotels and Restaurants. The company Arcux was one of the few companies which met the requirements of Bar. Like their equipments along with the required Consultation. Quality and commitment are the two focal points the company cherishes on. Moreover, the exclusive bar designs provide the Bar Tender an essential comfortable. space. By so, to work behind the bar with an added zeal. 

In the favour of bar design solutions. Arcux Bar Zone is presently an exclusive distributor for Brands like Perlick Corporation and Napa technology. Arcux has brought 100 years of experience, development and technology of Perlick to Indian market. Although on a larger scale. To addition, the company has successfully completed more than 100 projects in India. And in its Subcontinent also.

We provide the best Bar Design Solutions

Being worked in hotels F&B area for over 5 years before starting this venture. “Being from Hospitality Industry and working in Hotels, Restaurant, Bars in India. As well as in Abroad, we understand its is very important to plan the equipment in way that the maximum output can be achieved. Therefore, considering happy operator and Guests. says Piyush”. Arcux Team identifies how the bar will operate and create clear working zones for the bar staff. Which enables them to serve their customers in a planned and seamless operation. In conlusion, we are experts in providing bar design solutions.

We don’t follow trends, we define them. Research for concepts isn’t based on what is out there now or what’s current. As this will be dated by the time our work comes to fruition. We look at trends and stay one-step ahead. So our work has longevity that Arcux works with.

At Arcux. Our designers optimize the space available within the existing or intended architecture. And develop bar features that meet specific challenges. Thus, creating bars that will deliver complex operational briefs. Our design team works closely with project architects and interior designers. After that to combine the operational development with the creative brief. Therefore, to deliver truly bespoke bars.

We bring a wealth of experience and a wide knowledge of different materials and processes. Which enables us to realize the design team’s creative vision. This provides the exact idea into reality. All our projects are drawn into CAD drawings and submitted before actual manufacturing. And we can assure of meeting the dimensions as close as to 1 mm.