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The bar is a profit center. We are bar design experts, so we know that a well designed, efficient bar has the right equipment arranged to minimize bartender movement equaling more drinks per hour, which translates to higher profits. That is why, Arcux strive to be bar design experts by focusing on the bar as the engine that drives profitability. So, Arcux works with end users, architects, and food service consultants to help design efficiency and functionality into their projects. After receiving plans for a bar, we can provide assistance with equipment selection and placement to ensure the best possible bar design. We’re partners with our customers. We want our customers be successful in their business. So, Our goal is to make them as efficient and profitable as possible.

Arcux Bar Zone Impex Pvt. Ltd. (ABZI), a Joint venture company, was founded in 2009 by two dynamic partners Parikshit Kakkar and Piyush Tayal young enthusiastic hotel management graduates in their mid 20’s.. Their sole concept was to provide the best bar solutions for Hotels and Restaurants. The company Arcux was one of the few companies which met the requirements of Bar Equipments along with the required Consultation. Quality and commitment are the two focal points the company cherishes on. Moreover, the exclusive bar designs provide the Bar Tender an essential comfortable space to work behind the bar with an added zeal.