What makes a good bar Design?


What makes a good bar Design?

 Piyush Tayal, CEO, Arcux Bar Zone Impex Pvt Ltd A good bar design must use the provided space optimally. A bar design must always make sure and focus on minimizing the bartenders movement to get the drinks.

A bar is a profit center and that’s a way it should be kept. Focus should be more on generating profit which can be only provided if you have enough stock in your bar, minimum movements of bartenders, reducing time taken to make a drink. It’s these little things which matter a lot.

What are the first steps in Bar Design?

First step in designing any Bar is to know the operational purpose of the Bar. It’s very important to know whether Bar will be more focused on Beer, Hard Liquor or Cocktails. Another important aspect is knowing the pax of the outlet both seating and standing. Knowing the capacity helps in calculating the maximum amount of drinks might be required per hour during peak period.

Knowing drink capacity will further help in knowing the Ice required for drinks, Glass capacity and the capacity for the mixers and alcohol at Bar.Knowing the menu mix and seating capacity ensures the correct equipment of proper size is selected for a functional, efficient bar.

How Bar equipment design reduces stress and injuries for Bartenders?

Bumped, bruised, scratched, and scraped. That should be the description of a prizefighter after twelve rounds, not a bartender after an eight hour shift. But bartending can be a demanding job that is both physically and mentally draining. Luckily, there are ways to reduce stress and injuries for bartenders, and one solution is through bar equipment design. Bar tending might seem like a fun , carefree job but shocking thing is that Bartending is one of the twenty-two professions that made the list, right alongside anesthesiologist, paramedic and patrol officer in a most stressful jobs of 2017.

The Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station’s ergonomically designed features help to eliminate common pain points for bartenders. Everything a bartender needs to be efficient is within arm’s reach.

Refrigerated storage for garnishes are easily accessible without leaving the work area. A narrower ice bin brings bartenders closer to the customers without having to stretch across the bar to deliver cocktails. The expertly designed tool caddy has a place for every piece of a bartender’s arsenal, removing the need for digging and wasting valuable time. The curved rail design for liquor bottles surround the bartender, reducing steps and increasing output.

 What Challenges can you run into when designing the Bar?

Most bars are designed by architects or designers, who are usually unaware of the unique physical and operational challenges a bartender faces. Too often a space is allocated for bar without the planning of the equipment’s; thus it became a challenge to incorporate the required equipment’sin a given space. In these cases equipment has to be selected to fit a space not what should be fit as per the operational needs. We must remember Bartenders spend a majority of their work hours on their feet, dealing with, at times, not so forgiving customers, with limited opportunities to relax. In most bars, bartenders are restricted to a small, confined space where they do most of their work taking orders and crafting drinks. The constant bending, reaching, and walking can have long term effects on their backs, hips, and knees. While designing the bar and allocating space for bar these points must be considered.

How does Arcux approach for providing the operational brief layouts and a good design for the outlets?

Arcux always believe in equipping the space with operationally enhanced equipment’s and try our best to reduce the steps movement for the bartender. Zero step bartending is what we promote through our latest addition in a line of equipment, Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station. Arcux always works with end users, architects, consultants and various food dealers to help achieving design efficiency and functionality into the projects. Layouts need to be flexible and planned accordingly to best integrate with the existing building space or site. The owner may have a vision for an arrangement of the elements which can be reflected in the design.  There are always influences upon basic programmatic standard elements (like working height, bar counter height which need to be addressed).  The task is to review early on these factors during the building bar layout. We don’t follow trends, we define them. We look at trends and try and stay one-step ahead so our work has longevity.After receiving plans for a bar, we can provide assistance with equipment selection and placement to ensure the best possible bar design. We’re partners with our customers. We want our customers be successful in their business. Our goal is to make them as efficient and profitable as possible.

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