Bar Design

The bar is a profit center. A well designed, efficient bar has the right equipment arranged to minimize bartender movement equaling more drinks per hour, which translates to higher profits. ABZI strive to be bar design experts by focusing on the bar as the engine that drives profitability. Arcux works with end users, architects, and food​ ​service consultants to help design efficiency and functionality into their projects. After receiving plans for a bar, we can provide assistance with equipment selection and placement to ensure the best possible bar design.We’re partners with our customers. We want our customers be successful in their business. Our goal is to make them as efficient and profitable as possible.


once the bar is optimally designed, our sales team will assist you in providing and explaining the complete details of all drafted equipment. Our sales team will also help you in informing about our recent new product launches in the market, various means of transportation  or shipping which can help you in saving down your cost without affecting much in lead time as per site. Sales personnel will assist you in every possible way to help in ultimate execution of plans to achieve the desired objectives and goals.





With years of rich experience and deep understanding of this field, our team of expert professionals offers high quality execution of the installation of systems, which meet the exact demands of our valued clients. We are able to proffer fast, reliable and trustworthy service exclusive of giving-up the quality of our work.The secret to our achievement is working together with our clients to facilitate their market and, services so they can consume more time on what they do best.

Helps you in minimizing the maintenance & operation cost with minimum downtime of your machine by planned and proper periodic maintenance. You can avail concessional rate for spares which are required to be ordered and kept in stock. Concessional service charges compared to one time call. Attention by skilled and trained technicians who will attend to your machine, suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts to be procured if any. This will help you in proper maintenance of your machine at minimal .