This is the most important part of the any bar set-up as it’s directly linked up with bar sales. Properly designed under bars and reliable equipment allows bartender to be more creative, efficient and most importantly profitable. Underbar equipments has to be design keeping in mind the shape of bar is straight, curved, round or square. At Arcux, we offer from standard bar modules in 6” increment to inside and outside corner fillers that allow change of direction in five degree increment to custom cocktail stations and multi- tank sink modules in one inch increments, Arcux has everything you need to create an Underbar package that is truly unique yet affordable. Arcux always consider the equipments operational needs and keep in mind the flow of the bar to achieve bartender to pour maximum drinks in a given period of time. With all our equipments working standard height at 30 inches with an option of 4”-6” backsplash, bartender can always be sure of serving the drinks standing straight and facing the customer. Embossed top allows glasses to breathe and prevent any odour building up, usage of all food grade S/S, sound deadening material is used on all top surfaces are only the few of the points considered during building of equipments. With industry most finest and efficient cold plates installed in ice chests and making sure cold plates not directly exposed to interior of cabinets. Our mixology stations modules for full craft cocktail service with more features and options than any other vendor globally.

Offering three Different series of Depths to suit various needs.

Underbar Drainboard have an option for Beer or Soda chase

Ice Bin
Full Depth Ice Chests

Corner fillers
Underbar Drainboards Fillers

Extra Depth Ice Chest
Extra Depth Ice Chest

Drop Down Blender Station For sound enclosed blenders
Multipurpose Station- Can be Used as Blender Stations or for Storing Quick Soiled Glasses

Trash Receptacle
Slide Top Trash receptable

Modular Bar
Pre-Confirgured Cocktail Stations

Under Bar Glass storage
Under Bar Glass storage

Point of sale unit
Point of sale unit

UnderBar Solutions