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The unit is the size and shape of a high-quality home espresso machine, and topped with five universal couplers, essentially nipples made of thermoplastic, on which you set upside down full-sized liquor bottles (they are right side up when you attach them, don’t worry). Pipes on the back connect to insulated, pressurized stainless steel bottle that hold your mixers and keep them bubbly (if carbonated) and at the desired temperature for 15-18 hours. Barsys can even dispense non-alcoholic mocktails and beverages like straightforward soda. Hidden inside is a specially designed glass blender capsule that creates the “V-Vortex,” a mini-tornado at up to 300rpm (varies by recipe) to mix drinks while perfectly uniformly distributing ingredients. A lighted multicolor status bar lets you know what is happening, but there are no buttons or control panels – all the commands and recipes are sent to Barsys via Bluetooth and the app, available for Android and iOS. You scroll through the cocktail list, select anything from a Long Island Ice Tea to Cape Cod to Blue Hawaii, hit the button and Barsys makes it in under 20 seconds. It can even detect whether or not a glass is in place to avoid waste and spillage. At the end of the day, you put one of the soda pipes in a bottle of water and it is self-cleaning. The exterior is all sleek powder coated metal, easy to wipe clean.

At any given time, Barsys can accommodate five different spirts and three different mixers, and that offers hundreds of cocktail permutations. In addition to the 2000+ programmed in, you can create your own or customize existing recipes, fine tuning or playing mixologist without any heavy lifting. Having a theme party? Create a signature cocktail for your event and Barsys will serve it to your guests all night long. Or your guests can download the free app and order for themselves. Either way, Barsys is likely to be the hit of a party. After the party, when it’s time to clean up, I like the idea of kicking back, having the robot make you a drink and turning your robot vacuum loose to tidy up the floor. That’s living.

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